Connect with us for SALE! is a 2-Year-Old Domain Name with around 2.2K unique Visitors on the Site. The Website is Responsive in Design and also Optimised to Load faster on all the Devices.

NewsBooklet is basically a Blogging platform where you’ll be able to post articles on Current News, Current Affairs, and also Informational Articles, as the “Booklet” signifies something which has information and knowledge can be grasped from. So, yeh, you can post on various things on this Site.

Reason to SALE Website:

We are a group of 2 students who created this Blogging site out of curiosity and learnings. We now are unable to write enough articles to post on this Site, and since the past 3-4 months, we were not able to post Articles regularly. So then, we decided to rather Sell this Website to a passionate Blogger, who can consistently Post articles on this Site.

The Site is Entirely approved by Google Adsense and perfectly connected with Google Analytics, so that you can track each and every visitor on Site.

To Buy you can contact us on,

[email protected]

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