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STAR earned 100+ crores in INDIA- PAKISTAN Match 2019



India Pakistan ICC World Cup

India – Pakistan World Cup is the most exciting and most viewed matches in the history of any other candidates. Yes, of course, we knows the obvious reasons behind it. Due to recent terror attacks and acts of revenge between India and Pakistan made this match a must watch match among others. Yes, you viewed the match and I too and almost every Indian have watched this match if, possible. These add up to the viewership base of the Broadcasting Channels and Sites.


ICC World Cup is mostly famous among the Indian Audience and yes, they do watch the entire tournaments. The India – Pakistan World Cup Match 2019 is the most-watched match in the entire Year. The Broadcasting Channels got the most Benefit out of these. Star Sports being the Official broadcaster of the tournament, created much hype around the match in order to catch up the maximum Audience.


Alone Star has the Millions of Audience base and Star Sports being the integrated part of Star which also combines Hotstar. And Star Sports being the Official Broadcasting Partner of the ICC World Cup Tournament, Star is making loads and loads of bucks through Advertisement. Yes, Advertisement being the main source of income for Star and they tend to do very well through there ads.


India – Pakistan Match being the most exciting and must watch the match, they took advantage of the engagement of quite a large audience during the match. For the most exciting India – Pakistan Match, they started charging a lot more for the 10-second advertisements of the Media Companies.

Star - India Pakistan Match @newsbooklethotstar India pakistan @newsbooklet

Yes, earlier they had already booked the advertisement for some of the Media companies in some interval, but for the remaining interval and last-minute booking, they charged around 50% higher premium rates than before.


During the entire Match, around 1.5 hours (5,500 seconds) of Advertisement in total was displayed to the huge Audience watching India- Pakistan Match. This made more than 100 crores of rupees to the STAR. Yes, you read heard it right, 100 crores in just one Match.


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The Ad-rates was increased to around 25 lakh Rs. for the 10 seconds ad slot during the match, which was way greater than the 16-18 lakhs of Rs. for another India Matches with other Competitor.


The other matches in which India is a participant will also have a decent viewership but India matching with Pakistan cannot beat any other match in terms of viewer base. And the Sunday being the advantage, as Sunday is an off-working day and almost everyone in India is free and loved watching India – Pakistan Match.


The ads were sold in a package which involves the display in all the Matches including India and non-India as well, but today’s match was special and knowingly they (Star) left some inventories for the last-minute ad promotions on this day, which they eventually charged a lot more.


Star being the most benefited from the entire tournament, they, as usual, promoted the actual match and run a lot of promotions on televisions and other streaming channels like YouTube and Netflix. Hotstar being their own substitute, they ran a lot of ads and promoted the India- Pakistan Match over there. They also ran the campaign named “Mauka Mauka” which was being viral for some days and got the huge audience to grab their attention towards the match.


There are many Media companies wanted their promotions and ads on National Television and with such a huge Indian audience, where they can showcase and promote their products. Star had already signed top 40 Media companies for advertisement, which also includes big brands like, OnePlus, PhonePe, Amazon, Havells, MRF Tyres, CocoCola, Uber much more.

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Now you can play PUBG for only 6 hrs / day




Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), the known and trending battle royal game that has sparked a wave of fan following in Asian country, seems to be obtaining daily usage restrictions.

Some players of the sport have rumored that the title serves health reminders and stops operating once an exact amount of your time.

The modification comes within the inside of reportable deaths and addiction issues over the sport.


6-hour restriction on PUBG Mobile

Multiple PUBG players have taken to Twitter to report that the mobile version of the sport’s problems a health reminder once 6-hour usage and so stops playing.

After this, once PUBG is launched, it serves a message saying “You’ve played the game for six hours today,” and prompts the user to return back at 5:30 am on the following day to continue taking part in.

All players in India will currently play the sport for under six hours per day. Players below eighteen can receive a reminder each 2 hours (at two and four hours of game time).


So far, Tencent, the maker of the game, has not created an official announcement in respect to the introduction of those restrictions.

However, the screenshots doing rounds on the web clearly recommend that the corporate is willing to implement the aptitude shortly.

However, the announcement was created on the official discord server of the game wherever one amongst the moderators revealed the following message-

“Due to political concerns in India, a play time restriction of six hours has been imposed. This applies to all Indian players regardless of their age. The restriction does not affect players of other regions than India. Players below the age of 18 will receive a reminder after two and four hours, this before the six-hour restriction is reached.

Note: It may take some time for these changes to take full effect and apply to every Indian player.”


The only question as of now could be once it’ll happen at the large scale and the way the general public will react.


PUBG is insanely big popular in the youth of INDIA.


Over the previous few months, PUBG has raked large quality in Republic of India and alternative components of the planet.

The user-base of the sport has big therefore massive that folks have started raising addiction alarms, business for a state ban on the sport.

Notably, it’s already been illegal in Gujarat, due to multiple reports of death. And many players have been arrested in playing PUBG in public areas.

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Day in Short

Todays News: Harvard Robot Arm, Mumbai potholes, Indian TT Team



todays news (23 July 18')

Let us head towards today’s news headlines.

48MP smartphone sensor by Sony

48 megapixel sony sensor

Sony Sensor

Japanese company Sony has unveiled its IMX586 which stacks CMOS image sensor and claims to have the world’s highest megapixel count i.e. 48 megapixels. According to Sony, this sensor can be fixed into a smartphone which has 8mm diagonal unit and this sensor is capable enough to capture high-quality images like an SLR with your smartphone.


Harvard’s robotic arm can catch sea animals

harvard robot arm

Harvard robot arm

Researchers of Harvard’s Wyss Institute have developed an origami-inspired robotic arm which is capable enough to catch delicate sea animals without any harm by a technology called RAD (Rotatory Actuated Dodecahedron). This arm has a petal-like structure which forms a structure around the animals within seconds.


Mumbai nominated for Guinness record

Mumbai Potholes

Mumbai Potholes

Navin Lade, who is a resident of Mumbai have stated a nomination for most potholes in Guineas and Limca Book of World Record. This nomination is made in order to shame the municipal corporation after a survey says that there are more than 20,000 potholes in Mumbai. Navin Lade also wants to send a complaint letter if the nomination for his record gots approved.


Snapchat to shut down Snapcash

snapcash Shutting


One of the photo-sharing app Snapchat is now going to shut down Snapcash which is one of their payment service app which was partnered with Square. This app named Snapcash was launched in 3014 and allowed the user to transfer money to friend’s account without coming out of the app.


Alibaba to fund Megvii

AI Startup Megvil

AI Startup Megvil

Alibaba is going to fund a Chinese AI startup named Megvii for $600 million which is also being funded by Boyu Capital. Megvii also has Ant Finances as an investor as well. Megvii is a startup launched in 2014 which has developed a face scanning technology which is being provided to companies like Lenovo.


Air India apologizes to Indian TT team

Indian TT Team

Indian TT Team

Air India apologizes to Indian Table Tennis Team after their officials stopped 17 players and their other officials from boarding Delhi Melbourne flight. The team was on its way to ITTF world cup Australia Open when this happened. CWG gold medalist Manika Batra posted this on twitter tagging the PM office and Sports Minister.


David Headley  26/11 mastermind in critical condition

David Headley

David Headley | Image Courtesy: Wikipedia

David Headly, being the mastermind behind the 26/11 Mumbai attack is in US jail for his 35-year prison when he was attacked on July 8 and is now in critical condition. He was being attacked as he worked as a double agent for Pakistan and Islamist Terror. This attack comes after he had disclosed information related to the operation of Laskar-e-Taiba which lead to an arrest.


This where all the news headlines for today.

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FIFA 19 – All you need to know!





FIFA is the Most Anticipating Game out there in the Market of Computer Gaming and Virtual Reality. Each Year EA Games brings the Newer version of FIFA and this time also its here with FIFA 19. It’s featuring and have licensed UEFA Champions League after following the 10 long Years of Deal. FIFA 19 is gonna be released from 28 September 18′. You may also pre-order the Game to have the benefit of receiving as early as 20 Sept.

Its been second year since Cristina Ronaldo is been featured on the Cover of the Game. FIFA had done a marvelous job in featuring Ronaldo on the Covers and also featuring a 26-year young Player Neymar for Champions and Ultimate Editions of the Game. FIFA had shown the Business Skills on featuring the Young Player with future planning on this Player.

FIFA 19 is to be Officially released on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One. There’s an confirm from EA that its being also releasing on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3

The Most Awaiting Game is Gonna released soon on 28th September and you too can Pre-Order the Game now.

There are Many Benefits EA is giving on pre-ordering the Games. The Benefits are Listed Below.

Standard Edition

  • Pre-order and get up to five Jumbo Premium Gold FUT packs.
  • Cristiano Ronaldo loan player for seven FUT matches.
  • Special Edition FUT kits designed by FIFA soundtrack artists.

Champions Edition

  • receive 3 Days Early Access and up to 20Jumbo Premium Gold FUT packs.
  • UEFA Champions League Gold Player Pick (Choose one of five 80 to 83 rated gold players from qualified teams).
  • Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar Jr. loan players for seven FUT matches.
  • Special Edition FUT kits designed by FIFA soundtrack artist.


Ultimate Edition

  • receive 3 Days Early Access and up to 40 Jumbo Premium Gold FUT packs.
  • UEFA Champions League Gold Player Pick (Choose one of five 80 to 83 rated gold players from qualified teams).
  • Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar Jr. loan players for seven FUT matches.
  • Special Edition FUT kits designed by FIFA soundtrack artists.

So, that were all the Benefits of Pre-ordering FIFA 19.

I’m Exciting to Play this Game and wanted to See what all changes are done in improving the Graphics and look of the Game. What about you? Are you Excited on releasing this game? Comment your views on this.

Hope you liked Reading this article on FIFA 19. Stay Tuned for more Exciting News and Daily Happenings.

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