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What is Deep Web



Today in this post we will be telling you the different layers of the internet and give you an overview of it. So let’s get started…


I think there is no need of discussing level 0 because the internet we use on our regular basis is completely categorized under Level 0.


The surface web deals with the sites which have large niche groups of people dealing with broad topics and inflated user basis. Such places are large non Web 2.0 sites or lack social networking on a titanic scale.

Information gathering here is all very basic and will mostly lead to small niche group in the Bergin Web Level. People here will likely be unreliable, or will outright refuse of giving information.

Some of the IoT fall under Level 1:-

– Reddit 

– Digg

– Temp E-Mail Service

– Newsround

– Vampire Freaks

– Foreign Social Network

– Amazon Turk

– Web Hosting

– MySQL Database

– College Campuses

– Funnyjunk

– Ebaums


Basically, here is where you will get most of your connection to the deep web. Most * changes will provide information as to what might be inside the deep web or infographic representation of the deep web architecture. Also, there will be tutorials to access TOR network. Although, you will start understanding the deep web. TOR can be a useful tool: however, it is not your greatest option.

Person-to-Person data network such as torrenting network, (torrent damage, IsoHunt… etc.) especially if they invite only, should be included in Bergie Web. Bitcoin Mining as a subculture will be included in the lower part of this level. In the underground data transfer network, this currency is invaluable in gaining access to normally restricted or privileged information or leads.

Some of the IoT fall under Level 2:-

– 4chans

– *Chan

– free hive

– leden

– Let me watch this

– Streams Video

– Jailbait Cams Sites

– Hellbound

– Hackthissite

– Blackhat World

– FTP server

– Loaded Web Server

– 99% of the Internet ( The internet most used)


LEVEL 3 – Deep Web

This the peak of the deep web Most of the people here will know what the deeper part of the deep web actually includes. They will be able to provide information to normally unknown and hidden services that the average person would mistake, dismiss. or intentionally avoid. 

Most of this level will provide you with information about programming and the hacking culture, as that is who most frequent: the depth of the web. Deeper levels will include more strictly illegal data. This is because it is just protected enough to be saved from common internet authorities (CIA. FBI. NSA. CERT. and USCCD). Be careful. as this area is a common turn you will make and Will require you to basically swim in a viral aquarium. Super-Viruses like Michelangelo. DaVinci, Blowfish, and Martyr are common. A strong re-enforcement of antivirus software, malware protection, and lack of personal insecurity and stupidity is expected. 

Some of the IoT fall under Level 3:-

– “On The Vanilla” Sources

– Hardcore / Heavy Jailbait

– VIP Gossip

– Gore

– Hackers

– Script Kiddies

– Virus Information

– Suicide Recording

– Computer Security

– MIT or other large institutions servers

– Super Computing

– Virtual Reality

TOR-like service required after this point. (Note that not only TOR like service will be used to access this kind of information.)

Artificial Intelligence is a powerful subject at this level of the web. Please stay mindful of what you download here. You may inadvertently piss the wrong people off in the wrong network of peoples. The information here is powerful and meant for people how are qualified.

Some of the IoT here:-

– Eliza data information

– Hacking group FTP

– Node transfer

– Post date generation

– Data Analysis

– Microsoft Secure Network

– Shell Networking

– AI Theorists

– Cosmology / MIT

– Company Secrets / Contacts



If you notice, this level of the web is entire of regular things one would consider illegal. Most of the things here come from TOR hidden service which is normally displayed as hashes URL called ONION Domain. Onion domains are easy to discover when you come across them, as they end with the .onion domain. There are other services other than TOR network like Freeweb, Waste, dark network, Leakdrive etc. 

When browsing this level of the web a proxy is almost useless in its effectiveness. You should be afraid of any log or information you come across. 

Follow and log every link you come across and treat all links that lead to CP as a dead end like it never existed. Screenshot everything and make sure you have evidence for peers.

Some of the IoT fall under level 4:-

– Hard candy

– Onion IB

– Hidden Wiki

– Onion Video Archive

– Banned Movies, Books, and videos

– Personal Video

– Assassination Box

– Bounty Hunter

– Rare Animal Trade

And much more but we can’t say.

A Closed Shell System will be required at this point.

What does a Closed shell system mean? Something that’s not open, or not available right? Now that you have got that, what is a shell? Shell has two meaning. A Shell can be terminal debugging / access limiting tool, (Basically defined – DOS is a shell), or it can be a physical shell, the outside casing of a computer system. Speaking of the system, it is a simple device making complex whole. A closed shell system is a computer system.. Locked in a shell. That is not accessible…

Some of the IoT here:- 

– Location of Atlantis

– Tesla Experiment Plans

– CAMEO (AI Super Intelligence)

And many more complexes we can’t understand.

80% of the internet lie below this line.

Another one people couldn’t bother to read (NB4 ). Understand this is not 80% by volume. It is 80% by concentration, following the 80 by 20 law of nature. 20% of the world’s information affects 80% of our lives. Most of the deep web is underground cultures, lost worlds, stories and logs of horrible events, and the most 5 n ridden parts of our human nature. Government blackhat Information that everyone Ignores and too deep to be leaked by the usual sources. This is the heart of the deep web, never escape thought. 

Polymetric Falcighol Derivation Required after this point…

Please understand, this is an actual process that is more known as Applied Fractal Analyst 5, Consumption, and Derivation. It is a higher math function and basically boils down to this. A fractal as a password, that is all this really means. 



The deepest part of the web which exists only in theories. Which means that it most likely doesn’t exist. When this level Of web is charted; it will be the day OP is no longer faggot.

So this is the complete details about the Deep Web. Hope you enjoyed and gained a lot of knowledge from this post. Please share it with your community and share your experience in the comment section below.

Disclaimer: This Article was only for Educational Purposes.

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Now you can play PUBG for only 6 hrs / day




Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), the known and trending battle royal game that has sparked a wave of fan following in Asian country, seems to be obtaining daily usage restrictions.

Some players of the sport have rumored that the title serves health reminders and stops operating once an exact amount of your time.

The modification comes within the inside of reportable deaths and addiction issues over the sport.


6-hour restriction on PUBG Mobile

Multiple PUBG players have taken to Twitter to report that the mobile version of the sport’s problems a health reminder once 6-hour usage and so stops playing.

After this, once PUBG is launched, it serves a message saying “You’ve played the game for six hours today,” and prompts the user to return back at 5:30 am on the following day to continue taking part in.

All players in India will currently play the sport for under six hours per day. Players below eighteen can receive a reminder each 2 hours (at two and four hours of game time).


So far, Tencent, the maker of the game, has not created an official announcement in respect to the introduction of those restrictions.

However, the screenshots doing rounds on the web clearly recommend that the corporate is willing to implement the aptitude shortly.

However, the announcement was created on the official discord server of the game wherever one amongst the moderators revealed the following message-

“Due to political concerns in India, a play time restriction of six hours has been imposed. This applies to all Indian players regardless of their age. The restriction does not affect players of other regions than India. Players below the age of 18 will receive a reminder after two and four hours, this before the six-hour restriction is reached.

Note: It may take some time for these changes to take full effect and apply to every Indian player.”


The only question as of now could be once it’ll happen at the large scale and the way the general public will react.


PUBG is insanely big popular in the youth of INDIA.


Over the previous few months, PUBG has raked large quality in Republic of India and alternative components of the planet.

The user-base of the sport has big therefore massive that folks have started raising addiction alarms, business for a state ban on the sport.

Notably, it’s already been illegal in Gujarat, due to multiple reports of death. And many players have been arrested in playing PUBG in public areas.

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Apple Watch Caring like a Human – Saves Lives



Apple Watch Again Saved Life

Apple Watch has become a lifesaver on over one occasion and it adds another feather to the hat by saving a user with its timely designation. The inbuilt heart-rate device within the Apple Watch may be a corking feature obtainable within the most well-liked wearable out there and it’s attributable for correct readings from most of its users. In one such instance, Apple Watch prompted its user to travel to the hospital once detecting uncommon activity within the pulse.


Science Friday radio host Ira Flatow shared his grateful expertise with Apple Watch on Twitter on Thursday, once his brother’s life was saved by the Watch’s impromptu designation. in line with Flatow, his brother’s Apple Watch hit a warning upon striking >200bpm pulse rate and instructed he pay a visit to the hospital.


After obtaining checked up at the hospital, Flatow’s brother was diagnosed with cardiac arrhythmia, a condition wherever the resting pulse rate exceeds the traditional gait (beats per minute). for many adults, a resting pulse rate is considered traditional between 60-100bpm. something on top of 100bpm is considered risky and Flotow’s brother’s pulse rate had broken 200bpm, business for immediate medical attention.


After Flatow’s brother was admitted to the hospital, he found that the Apple Watch readings matched with those of the hospital medical instrumentality all the time. “During the fifteen hours I used to be at the hospital attached to the monitors, the monitors ne’er disagreed with my watch’s reading. I checked repeatedly,” Flatow tweeted quoting his brother.

Even though Apple Watch’s intrinsic heart-rate device may be a reliable tool to discover uncommon pulse activity, the favored wearable remains not absolutely able to replace the advanced EKG machines. however, obtaining an early designation while not having to bear a series of tests in unsuspecting people is definitely a boon.


This is not the primary time Apple Watch has been attributable to saving lives. Recently, Gaston D’Aquino, a semi-retired diamond dealer, thanked Apple chief executive officer Tim Cook once his Apple Watch saved him from a dangerous heart condition, giving him “a new lease on life.” Apple Watch conjointly helped diagnose a teen’s urinary organ disorder and another user thanked Apple for sleuthing elevating pulse rate, that clothed to be an embolism.


Apple introduced watches’ 5.1.2 for its smartwatches, that enabled EKG to perform within the Apple Watch Series four and also the Irregular Rhythm Notification for all models. Ever since Apple Watch reportedly saved various lives.




The digital health market might reach a worth of $504 billion globally by 2025, and $7 trillion is spent on health care around the world per annum. That’s 10 % of the world’s GDP and also the biggest pay for global governments. health care wearables alone are expected to hit a market price of nearly $18 billion by 2021.


Apple has created no secret that it sees a future far away from the product just like the iPhone and iPad. CEO Tim Cook, in keeping with CB Insights, has aforementioned the health care market makes the smartphone sector look “small.” the corporate has discharged a Health Record and further its heart observance to the Apple Watch. The device conjointly has “fall” detection and an emergency SOS feature.

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Huawei Matebook 13: Macbook Air killer



Matebook 13

Huawei’s Matebook X which was released last year was considered as the MacBook Pro killer as it provided a lot of features which the MacBook Pro provided at a much affordable price. And this year, Huawei is back with Huawei Matebook 13 which offers specification between the ultra-slim Matebook X and the pocket-friendly Matebook D.

MateBook 13

With Matebook 13’s premium Aluminum alloy and metal unibody finish, Intel Whiskey lake processor and thin bezel display, it can be clearly observed as a competitor for the Apple’s new 2018 MacBook Air. The release took place at CES 2019. Let’s have a closer look at the details of Matebook 13.

Starting with the display, it has 13-inch 3:2 touchscreen display which is super sharp with 2,160 x 1,440 resolution. Display provides rich colors with ample viewing angles. Taking a look towards the bezels, company says they are 4.4mm thin providing 88 percent screen to body ratio which is 6 percent more than the rivals MacBook Air with 82 percent screen to body ratio.

Moving to the keyboard, Matebook 13 offers a bigger touchpad than usual which will help you with better space and provide the rich user experience. Matebook 13 comes with an edge-to-edge comfortable keyboard with a 1.2mm travel between each key which is efficient to provide smooth and fast typos which makes it a thumbs up for those who hate Macbook Air’s low-travel keyboard although it is also pretty good. The keycaps barely come out and are not too loud or clicky. It has embedded fingerprint sensor on the power button which makes it easier to wake the computer up by just scanning the finger. With fingerprint sensors come to the security and to enhance it, Huawei has provided an independent security chip for storing the biometrics.

Huawei Matebook 13

Let’s have a look over the heart of the machine. The Matebook 13 is very capable machine in terms of processing. The device will have two configurations in the US. The higher-end version packs in eight-generation Intel Core i7-8565U chipset coupled with NVIDIA GeForce MX150 graphics card, on the other hand, low-end version ships with Intel Core i5 and Intel’s UHD620 graphics. Both the versions of Matebook 13 will have 8GB of RAM which will be standard considering the price range. The Matebook 13 having quad-core will be having a good multitasking ability which will be a serious upgrade than the MacBook Air which includes a dual-core processor.

Although providing the great performance the weight and thickness of the device matters a lot. The Matebook 13 comes with a 14.9mm thickness which company says is 6 percent thinner than the 2k18 MacBook Air which has 15.9mm thickness. Although the Matebook 13 is thinner than the MacBook Air, it weighs 2.82 pounds which is heavier than the 2.75 pounds MacBook Air.

The Matebook 13 has squeezed a lot of powerful chipsets in such a small device which they mention is due to Shark Fin 2.0 thermal setup which has the capability to handle 8,000 rpm without overheating the device. Huawei has provided dual fan system placing them between the CPU and GPU which enables to separate the heat and also accomplish 25 percent higher volume than a traditional fan. The company also says that cooling system uses an “intelligent filtering solution” which is claimed to manage performance and reduce the fan noise.

Huawei also praised the Shark Fin 2.0 setup for helping them to dedicate almost 50 percent of the laptops underhood space to embed massive 42Whr battery but it is bit smaller as compared to the 57Whr battery of Macbook Air. According to the Huawei’s claim, the low-end version, which is Core i5 Matebook 13, will last up to 10 hours while playing a 1080p video which will be great if it is able to hold on its words.


Image Courtesy: Paul Thurrott

Following the previous models of Matebooks, the Matebook 13 also comes with two USB-C ports and one headphone jack. But Huawei has included a dock which places in USB – A port, USB-C port, VGA and HDMI port as well. Webcams are important for the video conferences and to help with it, the Matebook 13 houses a one-megapixel camera into its bezel, which makes it at a better place as compared to Matebook X Pro which hid the webcam under one of the keys in the keyboard.

With a webcam you also need good speakers to make the video conferences lively and to do so, the Matebook 13 has two speakers docked into the keyboard with Dolby support giving out the crisp and clear sound.

Huawei also provides a 65W USB-C power adapter which can be used for fact charging the laptop. The Matebook 13 is claimed to provide 2.5 hours of “office work” which may include working with spreadsheets, emails, internet surfing etc. when charged for 15 minutes.

At last, if we list the highs of the device it will go as follows:

  • High performance with Whiskey Lake processor
  • Efficient design making is slim and light
  • High screen to body ratio
  • Affordable price

The Matebook 13 truly looks a well-built laptop to compete with Apple Macbook Air. The base version of Matebook 13 which includes Core i5 with 256GB SSD and 8GB RAM will be available in Silver color and will cost $999 and the higher end version with Core i7 with NVIDIA GeForce MX150 graphics and 512GB SSD will start from $1,299. The Matebook 13 will be on sale from January 29 on Amazon and Newegg.


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