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What is Deep Web



Today in this post we will be telling you the different layers of the internet and give you an overview of it. So let’s get started…


I think there is no need of discussing level 0 because the internet we use on our regular basis is completely categorized under Level 0.


The surface web deals with the sites which have large niche groups of people dealing with broad topics and inflated user basis. Such places are large non Web 2.0 sites or lack social networking on a titanic scale.

Information gathering here is all very basic and will mostly lead to small niche group in the Bergin Web Level. People here will likely be unreliable, or will outright refuse of giving information.

Some of the IoT fall under Level 1:-

– Reddit 

– Digg

– Temp E-Mail Service

– Newsround

– Vampire Freaks

– Foreign Social Network

– Amazon Turk

– Web Hosting

– MySQL Database

– College Campuses

– Funnyjunk

– Ebaums


Basically, here is where you will get most of your connection to the deep web. Most * changes will provide information as to what might be inside the deep web or infographic representation of the deep web architecture. Also, there will be tutorials to access TOR network. Although, you will start understanding the deep web. TOR can be a useful tool: however, it is not your greatest option.

Person-to-Person data network such as torrenting network, (torrent damage, IsoHunt… etc.) especially if they invite only, should be included in Bergie Web. Bitcoin Mining as a subculture will be included in the lower part of this level. In the underground data transfer network, this currency is invaluable in gaining access to normally restricted or privileged information or leads.

Some of the IoT fall under Level 2:-

– 4chans

– *Chan

– free hive

– leden

– Let me watch this

– Streams Video

– Jailbait Cams Sites

– Hellbound

– Hackthissite

– Blackhat World

– FTP server

– Loaded Web Server

– 99% of the Internet ( The internet most used)


LEVEL 3 – Deep Web

This the peak of the deep web Most of the people here will know what the deeper part of the deep web actually includes. They will be able to provide information to normally unknown and hidden services that the average person would mistake, dismiss. or intentionally avoid. 

Most of this level will provide you with information about programming and the hacking culture, as that is who most frequent: the depth of the web. Deeper levels will include more strictly illegal data. This is because it is just protected enough to be saved from common internet authorities (CIA. FBI. NSA. CERT. and USCCD). Be careful. as this area is a common turn you will make and Will require you to basically swim in a viral aquarium. Super-Viruses like Michelangelo. DaVinci, Blowfish, and Martyr are common. A strong re-enforcement of antivirus software, malware protection, and lack of personal insecurity and stupidity is expected. 

Some of the IoT fall under Level 3:-

– “On The Vanilla” Sources

– Hardcore / Heavy Jailbait

– VIP Gossip

– Gore

– Hackers

– Script Kiddies

– Virus Information

– Suicide Recording

– Computer Security

– MIT or other large institutions servers

– Super Computing

– Virtual Reality

TOR-like service required after this point. (Note that not only TOR like service will be used to access this kind of information.)

Artificial Intelligence is a powerful subject at this level of the web. Please stay mindful of what you download here. You may inadvertently piss the wrong people off in the wrong network of peoples. The information here is powerful and meant for people how are qualified.

Some of the IoT here:-

– Eliza data information

– Hacking group FTP

– Node transfer

– Post date generation

– Data Analysis

– Microsoft Secure Network

– Shell Networking

– AI Theorists

– Cosmology / MIT

– Company Secrets / Contacts



If you notice, this level of the web is entire of regular things one would consider illegal. Most of the things here come from TOR hidden service which is normally displayed as hashes URL called ONION Domain. Onion domains are easy to discover when you come across them, as they end with the .onion domain. There are other services other than TOR network like Freeweb, Waste, dark network, Leakdrive etc. 

When browsing this level of the web a proxy is almost useless in its effectiveness. You should be afraid of any log or information you come across. 

Follow and log every link you come across and treat all links that lead to CP as a dead end like it never existed. Screenshot everything and make sure you have evidence for peers.

Some of the IoT fall under level 4:-

– Hard candy

– Onion IB

– Hidden Wiki

– Onion Video Archive

– Banned Movies, Books, and videos

– Personal Video

– Assassination Box

– Bounty Hunter

– Rare Animal Trade

And much more but we can’t say.

A Closed Shell System will be required at this point.

What does a Closed shell system mean? Something that’s not open, or not available right? Now that you have got that, what is a shell? Shell has two meaning. A Shell can be terminal debugging / access limiting tool, (Basically defined – DOS is a shell), or it can be a physical shell, the outside casing of a computer system. Speaking of the system, it is a simple device making complex whole. A closed shell system is a computer system.. Locked in a shell. That is not accessible…

Some of the IoT here:- 

– Location of Atlantis

– Tesla Experiment Plans

– CAMEO (AI Super Intelligence)

And many more complexes we can’t understand.

80% of the internet lie below this line.

Another one people couldn’t bother to read (NB4 ). Understand this is not 80% by volume. It is 80% by concentration, following the 80 by 20 law of nature. 20% of the world’s information affects 80% of our lives. Most of the deep web is underground cultures, lost worlds, stories and logs of horrible events, and the most 5 n ridden parts of our human nature. Government blackhat Information that everyone Ignores and too deep to be leaked by the usual sources. This is the heart of the deep web, never escape thought. 

Polymetric Falcighol Derivation Required after this point…

Please understand, this is an actual process that is more known as Applied Fractal Analyst 5, Consumption, and Derivation. It is a higher math function and basically boils down to this. A fractal as a password, that is all this really means. 



The deepest part of the web which exists only in theories. Which means that it most likely doesn’t exist. When this level Of web is charted; it will be the day OP is no longer faggot.

So this is the complete details about the Deep Web. Hope you enjoyed and gained a lot of knowledge from this post. Please share it with your community and share your experience in the comment section below.

Disclaimer: This Article was only for Educational Purposes.

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SoftBank to acquire majority stake in WeWork.



SOFTBANK to Acquire WeWork

SoftBank a Japanese telecoms and Internet Company, which is very intimate and well known for funding and acquiring stakes in various Multi National Companies. SoftBank is about to take over around 50 percent of the company WeWork.

WeWork is an American company founded in 2010 by Adam Neumann and Miguel McKelvey that provides shared Workspaces and Offices to Technology Startups and services for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and startups, small and large Businesses.

SoftBank shares fell 5.4 % and suffered their biggest one-day drop in nearly two years on Wednesday (10 Oct 18′) partly on concerns about the prospects of eight-year-old WeWork whose outlook is tied closely to the ups and downs of the real estate market. Recent technology sector weakness also weighed on SoftBank’s shares, traders said.


One of the sources told that the pricing and other details of WeWork investment are yet to be firmed up and the second source said Softbank is in talks to take a major investment in WeWork.

SoftBank and its giant Vision  Fund invested about $4.4 Billion August 2017 on WeWork and hold 2 board Seats in the Company. And Owns about 20 percent of the company.

Earlier the Wall Street Journal reported Softbank’s investment would be between around $15 billion to $20 billion and is most likely to come from the Softbank’s giant Vision Fund. Earlier June Journal says that the smaller Softbank investment discussion valued WeWork at up to $40 Billion.


SoftBank’s other real estate-related investments include Compass, an online real estate marketplace, Katerra, a construction startup, and Indian hotel chain OYO Hotels.

SoftBank Group Corp, Tokyo Stocks

Image Courtesy: Reuters

SoftBank had earlier invested Billions of Dollars in U.S. ride-services firm UBER Technologies but owns a minority stack in the firm.

The Chinese unit of WeWork raised about $500 million in July from the investors including Hony Capital, SoftBank, Trustbridge Partners, to drive and expand its existence in the nation.

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What’s inside your smartphone?



smartphone,inside view,smartphone inside

As of 2018, there are around 2.5 billion smartphone users in the world. If we broke open all their newest phones, which are just a fraction of the total that’ve been built, and split them into their component parts, that would produce around 85,000 kilograms of gold, 875,000 of silver, and 40 million kilograms of copper. How did this precious cache get into our phones, and can we reclaim it?

Gold, silver, and copper are actually just a few of the 70 or so chemical elements that make up the average smartphone. These can be divided into different groups, two of the most critical being rare earth elements and precious metals. Rare earths are a selection of 17 elements that are actually common in Earth’s crust and are found in many areas across the world in low concentrations. These elements have a huge range of magnetic, phosphorescent, and conductive properties that make them crucial to modern technologies. In fact, of the 17 types of rare earth metals, phones and other electronics may contain up to 16. In smartphones, these create the screen and color display, aid conductivity, and produce the signature vibrations, amongst other things. And yet, crucial as they are, extracting these elements from the earth is linked to some disturbing environmental impacts. Rare earth elements can often be found, but in many areas, it’s not economically feasible to extract them due to low concentrations. Much of the time, extracting them requires a method called open pit mining that exposes vast areas of land. This form of mining destroys huge swaths of natural habitats, and causes air and water pollution, threatening the health of nearby communities.

Another group of ingredients in smartphones comes with similar environmental risks: these are metals such as copper, silver, palladium, aluminum, platinum, tungsten, tin, lead, and gold. We also mine magnesium, lithium, silica, and potassium to make phones, and all of it is associated with vast habitat destruction, as well as air and water pollution. Mining comes with worrying social problems, too, like large-scale human and animal displacement to make way for industrial operations, and frequently, poor working conditions for laborers.

Lastly, phone production also requires petroleum, one of the main drivers of climate change. That entwines our smartphones inextricably with this growing planetary conundrum. And, what’s more, the ingredients we mine to make our phones aren’t infinite. One day, they’ll simply run out, and we haven’t yet discovered effective replacements for some. Despite this, the number of smartphones is on a steady increase; by 2019 it’s predicted that there’ll be close to 3 billion in use.

This means that reclaiming the bounty within our phones is swiftly becoming a necessity. So, if you have an old phone,you might want to consider your options before throwing it away. To minimize waste, you could donate it to a charity for reuse,take it to an e-waste recycling facility, or look for a company that refurbishes old models. However, even recycling companies need our scrutiny. Just as the production of smartphones comes with social and environmental problems, dismantling them does too. E-waste is sometimes intentionally exported to countries where labor is cheap but working conditions are poor. Vast work forces, often made up of women and children, may be underpaid, lack the training to safely disassemble phones, and be exposed to elements like lead and mercury, which can permanently damage their nervous systems. Phone waste can also end up in huge dump sites, leaching toxic chemicals into the soil and water, mirroring the problems of the mines where the elements originated. A phone is much more than it appears to be on the surface. It’s an assemblage of elements from multiple countries, linked to impacts that are unfolding on a global scale. So, until someone invents a completely sustainable smartphone, we’ll need to come to terms with how this technology affects widespread places and people

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Drop in shares of Tesla after SEC charges CEO Elon Musk with Fraud



Elon Musk

On the last Thursday, Tesla shares dropped more than around 13 percent after the US Securities and Exchange Commission filed securities fraud charges against Chief Executive Elon Musk.

According to SEC, the tweets posted by Elon Musk were ‘false and misleading‘ and so files fraud charges against Musk. Musk Tweeted on August 7, that he had secured funding for taking the Company private at $420 per share.


Security and Exchange Commision said that the tweet let to the “Significant Market Disruption” is seeking civil penalties without noting an amount and to bar Elon from serving as an officer of a Public Company.

That Thursday afternoon Musk sent a statement calling it as an unjustified action.

The statement that Musk gave:

“This unjustified action by the SEC leaves me deeply saddened and disappointed. I have always taken action in the best interests of truth, transparency and investors. Integrity is the most important value in my life and the facts will show I never compromised this in any way.”

Elon Musk tweeted in August for considering taking the company Tesla private, which was not embraced by the Tesla board members and many shareholders, and eventually arouse SEC to investigate.

Later on August 24, after the news of the SEC quest had become known, Musk blogged here that the Tesla will remain a Public Company.

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